Services We Offer

Carrington Carpet Care specializes in providing various cleaning services for your carpet needs, including:

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning helps you remove all the stains, dirt, and dust from your carpet by avoiding any damage from being caused to your floor coverings. We use a mild detergent to pre-spray the carpet, after which hot water is injected into the carpet. Once the carpet is ready to clean, a high-power vacuum is used to extract the dirt, dust, and stains with the help of the detergent and water injected earlier into the carpet.

Carrington Carpet Care

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is a process where your upholstery is cleaned regularly. Deep cleaning upholstery helps you accomplish things that vacuuming does not, such as killing mold spores, eliminating allergens like pollen and dander.

Carrington Carpet Care

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is one of the best forms of cleaning a carpet where we use hot water and a potent vacuum to clean and sanitize your carpets. This is proven to be one of the best deep-cleaning methods you can use on your carpets.

Furniture Cleaning

Furniture cleaning is necessary for increasing the lifespan of your furniture, such as couches, love seats, recliners, dining room chairs, and mattresses.

Pet Stain Removal

Pet Stain Removal helps remove all the pet stains from your carpet with the help of pet stain remover. Pet stain removers work using good bacteria and enzymes that consume organic material to remove the stain and odor.